Greg Weflen, a numbers guy with the federal government, will play a very important role on this expedition. His meticulous attention to details makes him a perfect fit on the crew. He will be primarily responsible for the collection of data required for the experimental equipment that will be on board, maintaining the data logger that will input all of the expedition vehicle’s stats, as well as all extraneous variables such as the weather.
Greg, an automotive enthusiast with a history of drag racing drag motorcycles will also be a key player on the mechanical aspects of this journey. He has been team leader for tech control on multiple successful ventures to the Bonneville Salt Flats and Mojave Mile and is well suited for this adventure.
An influencer in his life has been his great uncle – Sir Malcolm Campbell, a British racing motorist and journalist. He raced everything from motorcycles and cars to watercraft, breaking land and water speed records around the world. His versatile racing in multiple modes made him a legend and now Greg pursues legendary adventure as he embarks on this expedition.